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Birding in Peru

Birding in Peru
Birdwatching activity in Peru has been increasing considerably in the last couple decades, so nowadays some remote or isolated birding zones are accessible, in many cases are include in tradictional birding routes.
Peru its very rich full talking about species, and of course people start asking «Why?».
here there are some reasons:
Presence of The Andes, crossing all the Peruvian territory forming 3 mountain chains, at the same time some isolated mountains like Cordillera Azul, Sira Mountains, Sierra del Divisor, Humboldt current also know as Peruvian Current, coming from southern with cold water, The South Equatorial Current, with hot waters makes an special habitat forming Tumbesian zone, Marañon, Huallaga, Mayo, Mantaro, Apurimac valleys habitat for many endemic species, sabanas in the extreme southern Peru sharing this special habitat with Bolivia and many more of special habitats, so, it has around 10% of total all over the world, Clements version 2019 says:
Number of species: 1852
Number of endemisms: 107
Number of globally threatened species: 115
Number of introduced species: 3
Date of last revision: 2018-12-27
Last modified: 2019-07-05.
In addition there are facilities, accommodations services, transport and local tour operator, with incomparable knowledge, offer a true birding experience to every single visitor: birder, nature lovers and tourist in general.
Peru considering a big country have several birding routes, probably one visit it won’t be enough, alternatives are to divide Peru at least in 3 sections:
Northern, Central and Southern Peru, plus Northeast Amazon well know area like «Iquitos», each region have a variety of Endemic, threatened, small range and beautiful birds, additionally you will enjoy history, traditions Inca’s legacy, Peruvian cuisine all together during your vacations.
This is a sample of the wealth that Peru has, if you are thinking to do some Birdwatching in Peru we invite you to visit this amazing country, for sure you’ll have a great time.

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