A True Birding Experience

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Butterfly watching and photography is a fast-growing personal hobby, and for better or worse we’ve caught the bug! Since 2011 Tanager Tours has been working to promote butterfly tours. Whether you’ve already discovered the amazing world of these beautiful insects or are wondering what it’s all about, we can arrange a butterfly-focused tour for you.

Many of our routes are based on birding tours, but butterflying trips typically have a more relaxed pace, as each day at a site is likely to bring a different suites of butterflies. Central Peru has some of the best butterflying sites in the world, and our tour there is highly recommended as a first trip, though Manu is of course always a good choice too.

Our tour Price depends of the final itinerary, length, destination and number of participants, to give you and idea this is USD 200.00 – 400.00 per day full board. We offer tour with most accessible prices and our continuous exploration offer you the best chance to find rarities, local, endemic and threatened specie.

Manu Mariposa Photography Tour - 14 days

Manu road have the most pristine forest with lots hair-streaks, Skippers, marvelous Andean metalmarks,  swallowtails and firetips, this tour is easily extended to include lowland sites; this means to spend at least a week or maybe more in single Lodge.

Central Peru Butterfly & Photo Tour  - 15 days

Central Peru has some of the country's best butterflying destinations, and on this tour we hit a few of our favourites. Our basic layout for this - and other butterfly - tours is to spend several days at each site, rather than rush around in the typical birder's fashion.

Northern Peru Butterfling & Photo Excursion - 12 days

Northern Peru has unique habitats and locations, combinations of lowland and isolated mountains and East slope of the Andes, all together are home of many Butterflies offering us a great chance to photograph many of this amazing "Monsters".