A True Birding Experience

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Birdwatchers know Peru as one of the world’s top destinations – but it’s also a major hub for cultural tourism and general ecotourism. Although our guides are specialized in birdwatching, we also organize tours that combine birding, nature, and culture in whatever proportions are desired. Our most popular route is the classic Southern Peru circuit from Arequipa to Puno to Cusco and of course Machu Picchu, but there are lots of other options too.

Almost inevitably these tours will be custom-designed based on your interests – perhaps you are a birder with a non-birding spouse? Or are you interested in visiting the little-known archeological sites of the North while seeing a few select birds along the way? Here you’ll find links to a couple of popular options, but feel free to request a personalized itinerary from us.

Magic Cusco – Machupicchu.

Cusco Archaeological Capital of America, was the center of most important cultures. “Inca Culture ” developed in the 15th century, located in the middle of the Andes.
Upon your arrival in Cusco, you will be surprised by numerous Inca buildings, Inca walls, churches built in the 15th and 16th century, vestige of colorful costumes, and local people who still speak the Quechua language, which was the official language of the Inca culture we propose a small cultural tour to show a little of this great culture.

Historical Southern Peru.

Culture and History make it a country rich in traditions and Peru has much to show to our customers not only in Culture and History but also in bird watching all this makes to Peru one of the great tourist destinations of the world
During this tour we visit several places along the coast visiting some natural reserves – Paracas island, Nazca lines, Colca canyon and Puno area, where still reminds Pre-Inca culture “Urus”, this last one is floting island where they still keep their traditions

Enigmatic Northern Cultural Tour.

Northern Peru’s wealth in Culture and history its so impressive, with Pre-Incas cultures along Peruvian coast, we will find the largest mud town in the world, as well as the tomb of the only women chieftains or “cacicas”, as well as the biggest pre-colombian Royal tomb “Lord of Sipan Tomb”, one of most important Pre-Incas Culture “Los Chachapoyas”, all of them are just a sample of what will be seen in this tour, besides of course lots of wonderful landscapes next to Peruvian cuisine.

Cultural Lima –  Central Peru.

Lima is capital of Peru, the main gateway to Peru, most visitors are obliged to spend at least one night in this city, this gives us the opportunity to visit the different attractions of Lima, better known as the city of the Kings. Around the main town we can find several buildings from 17th century as well as several museums. where we can find lots of samples of art, history and pottery; this town was inhabited by Pre-Colombian civilizations; another options are visit natural reserve, like Palomino Island, Lomas de Lachay, Pucusana many more, all them easily to combine with any of our tours.