Bird Tours in Peru

Although our passion for birding has led us to travel to other counties and team up with local operators there, Peru is Tanager Tours' backyard - let us show it to you! Peruvians are always proud to say that their country has "costa, sierra, y selva" - coast, mountains, and rainforest - but for the birder it is worth going further: seabirds in the Pacific Ocean, coastal desert specialties, endemics on the West slope of the Andes, enigmatic high Andean species, localized intermontane valley targets, overwhelming mixed flocks in the East slope cloud forest, and the incomperable diversity of the Amazonian lowlands.

We no longer show prices for our tours, as we end up calculating a price for each tour request based on communication with you - prices vary depending on group size, guiding services, accommodation choices, and other factors. As a rough guide, an all-inclusive tour for a group of 4 birdwatchers costs around US$230 per person per day. Please contact us for a quote on any itinerary and we will gladly accommodate your specialized needs.