Southern Peru

For the adventurous birder, Southern Peru has much to offer - but be prepared for the least comfortable birding trip in the country! We are the only agency that dares offer some of these routes, and the birds are incredible - from albatrosses at sea to rheas in the puna desert to undescribed species in the cloud forest, there's lots of excitement at all points along the way.

We are pioneers in this area; we were the first birdwatchers to observe a soon-to-be-described species of Herpsilochmus antwren, and were the first agency to take a tour to the spectacular Palmerani track. Along the way we discovered that, for a good night's sleep in this area, the best option is often to camp - so be prepared for that if you choose Southern Peru. For birders that have covered the usual areas of Peru and want something completely different, this is an excellent choice.