for bird tours in Peru, Manu is the crown jewel of Peru's birding areas. Nowhere else in the Andes is there an easily accessible road that travels through pristine cloud forest from the treeline down to the lowlands! And at the bottom of the road, there is an excellent selection of rainforest lodges where you can comfortably bird one of the biodiverse habitats in the world. For the first-time visitor to Peru, Manu is not to be missed!

An ideal Manu birding tour starts in Cusco and ends in Puerto Maldonado, travelling from the high Andes, through the cloud forest, and out into the true Amazonian lowlands. This should be done in a minimum of 15 days birding trip. For those short on time, we also offer a cloud forest and foothills option which gives you a chance for most of the birds in 9-10 days. We also offer pure Amazonian birding in 7 days, during which we birdwatch, enjoy Pristine forest, amazing and endangered wildlife, local culture, and wonderful landscape. If you are not a hardcore birder, don't worry, other nature and wildlife are waiting for you, so we can organize other combinations; please contact us with your timeframe, targets and budget and we'll design an itinerary suited to your needs.
To see sample itineraries for our most popular Manu routes - birding trips, choose one of the links below or at right, all our tours are flexible and adjustable on your vacation.