Northern Peru

Northern Peru is one of the world's premier birding tours areas - the number of range-restricted and threatened bird species that can be seen during a tour is nearly unbeatable! From the coastal, Tumbesian specialties to the Marañon Valley endemics and of course the diverse humid East slope of the Andes, there is exciting birding everywhere!

Although it is possible to organize a 2-week trip to Northern Peru, we highly recommend that you opt for at least 21 days - otherwise you'll be cutting out on wonderful birds like Scarlet-banded Barbet, Russet-bellied Spinetail, Pale-billed Antpitta, and White-masked Antbird, and rushing through the traditional areas like the famous Abra Patricia, the Marañon and Mayo Valleys, and the Chiclayo-Olmos thorn forest.

No matter what itinerary you settle on, it is bound to include some of the country's best birds; choose a link below or at right to see some possibilities, or contact us with your request, we can combine any of our tour according your target species and available time.