Central Peru

Normally central Peru is a destination for birders who have already visited the country at least once - the birding is more difficult and more focused on a few specific (but very special!) target birds. For people out there dreaming of Junin Grebes, Golden-backed Mountain-Tanagers, Diademed Sandpiper-Plovers, Black-spectacled Brushfinch, central peru is your destination.
It is unsurprising that Central Peru is the endemic hotbed of the country. Although the area we travel through is not large, we encounter a great diversity of habitats at elevations ranging from sea level to almost 5000 m. Birding Central Peru requires some long drives and (in some areas) basic accommodations, but the rewards in rarely-seen endemics makes it worthwhile! In addition to the complete tours offered in the links below and at right, we can organize short trips from Lima to sample limited parts of central peru; please contact us for your personalized program in which we optimize chances to see all your target birds together in a single tour.