Iquitos is Peru's forgotten - by birders - rainforest. Although it is nowhere near as pristine as Manu, it's location in the heart of the Amazon basin makes it unique. There are the surprising white-sand forests just outside town, river island specialties to look for, and rarely-seen denizens on both the north and south banks of the mightly Amazon River.

One deterrent for birders is that Iquitos - when done propoerly - is a relatively expensive destination. Unfortunately this is beyond our contorl: the lodges in the area are inexplicably expensive when compared to those in Manu, for instance. However, birding the white sand forest near Iquitos city can be done economically, and we try to use relatively affordable lodges. Birders who do choose to travel to Iquitos are never disappointed; so if need be, get a group of friends together to share costs! Check out our sample itineraries for an idea of what can be done in this fascinating area.