Sira Mountains - Sira Tanager and Sira Barbet Expedition 8 days

Sira Mountains is isolated área in the Central-East of Peru, in July of 1969 was discovered a new specie “Sira Tanager” (expedition by Graves and Weske 1987), considering the isolated and access just few people went to this place, our staff visit this place 2 times without any exit, in 2008 during an expedition led by Michael Harvey, Glenn Seeholzer, and Benjamin Winger, who were senior-level ornithology undergraduates at Cornell University at the time. they discovered a new specie, "Sira barbet", this bird was discovered in the montane cloud forest in the upper Rio Tzipi watershed in the Cerros del Sira range of the eastern Andes in the south of the original place where it was discovered Sira Tanager.

in 2013 with double motivation we decided to go one more time to this place we went to southern Sira Mountains (Wim ten have, David Geale and Miguel Lezama).

this was one of the most grateful exploring trips that we had, we could see Sira Tanager, Sira Barbet (actually is considered sub specie of Scarlet-banded Barbet) and many other birds some of those that you can see it just at Pampas del Heath.

after our expeditions with good result we can offer you an expedition

Sira Mountains - Sira Tanager and Sira Barbet Expedition Itinerary