White-Masked Antbird 4 days

White-Masked Antbird is on of the mythical Peruvian endemic Birds, for years was so complicated to access to Tierras Blancas - Rio Morona.

actually, there is another option and place with easier access this place is San Lorenzo, to get this place we need an small plane flight from Yurimaguas to San Lorenzo on the Marañon River.

Miguel Lezama and Vidal Quispe our staff visited the area, there is good accomodations and we don't need to camping, using a local transport they got a good forest and they saw the enigmatic White-Masked Antbird, However the patch of forest around the village is going out quickly,development brings logging and in the area this is the main problem, hopefully they saw a couple of them, but after a couple weeks we went back and the logging increase so much even in the area that we saw the bird previously and chance to see the White-Masked Antbird is getting lower.

if we are lucky we can get a good view quickly but there is not any guarantee about it, birding is unpredictable so we consider spend a couple days in the area, some of those probably we'll need camping along the river banks. so we still consider a birding expedition because we don't know how quickly is changing the forest.