Juvenal Ccahuana (Juve)

Juve began work as a driver for bird watching groups a long time ago. In 2002 he formed Tanager Tours with Wim and David. Nowadays he has an unrivalled knowledge of nearly all the established birding sites in Peru. He functions as a driver as well as a second guide. Juve is able to find the real skulkers and hidden birds, even better than most of guides. For trips in Central and North Peru he often acts as driver and guide. His knowledge of English is basic, so this is only an option for customers that speak some Spanish or accept a simpler communication.

He is a driver with extensive experience in the field of tourism he is working over 20 years with great skill and knowledge of mechanics makes it one of the brilliant people last years has been working with birdwatchers groups this has sparked his passion for birds and now is part of Tanager tours family