Testimonial: Northern Peru 2016

Dear Miguel,
We want to thank you and your colleagues for a very successful Northern Peru birding trip. You and Vidal helped us to see 79 new birds in northern Peru and push our South American bird list to almost 2,000. We really appreciate your patience and perseverance, and the helping hand negotiating some of the trickier trails.
It was a new experience to be on a tour with a cook. Ciro was not only a terrific cook but enjoyable company and always ready to lend a helping hand. We were impressed by his ability to produce delicious meals while in the field, and many times, under difficult conditions (for example, in the dark, with only his head lamp for light!) The driver, Juan, got us safely to all the birding destinations.
While not pleasant during the time, we will not forget our expedition to Plataforma for the Scarlet-banded Barbet. You all worked incredibly hard to get us safely back after a marathon return journey. It was all worth it, given excellent views of the barbet!
Thanks again for helping us see so many wonderful birds.
With best wishes,
Sharon and Barry
Northern Peru Birding Trip
April 2016