Testimonial: Manu 2015

Looking for an excellent birding experience in Peru? Go with Tanager tours!
We went in summer 2015 with them to look for goodies and beauties at the coast, Andes and the Amazonian Forest.
Their guides are excellent, organisation is very good and they arrange field picnics at the most beautiful places.
In total we saw almost 600 species with Razor-Billed Curassow, Humboldt Penguin, Andean Condor, Pale-Winged Trumpeter, Diademed Plover, Blue-Headed Macaw, Crested Owl, Great Potoo, Lyre-Tailed Nightjar, Wire-Crested Thorntail, Bearded Mountaineer, Purus Jacamar, Long-Billed Woodcreeper, White-Bellied Cinclodes, Banded Antbird, Black-Spotted Bare-Eye, Black-Faced Antthrush and Red-and-White Antpitta, to mention just a few of the many highlights. Highly recommended. [email protected]

Best wishes