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FIXED DEPARTURE: 6th April - 2nd July - 6th August - 4th September - 27th October - 16th November 2018
Birding in Peru is one of most exciting bird tours that you can take. in this tour you can combine our traditional Manu tour with coastal birding, pelagic boat trips, and dry intermontane Andean valleys trip to see more birds. This tour is good for bird photography, nature and wildlife photography, and enjoying the nature and Culture.(Ask for our extension to the Machu Picchu area )
25 days tours, full board.
including transfer service and accommodation on your arrival
Price USD 6221.65 per Person full board

Classic Central Peru 2018

FIXED DEPARTURE: 6th April - 15th July - 17th August - 12th October - 14th November 2018
Birding in Peru, especially central Peru offers you a rewarding variety of habitats, including high-elevation puna, and humid forests from the treeline to the beginnings of the Amazon lowlands. Some of the star birds include Humboldt Penguin, Great Inca-Finch, White-cheeked Cotinga, Diademed Sandpiper-Plover, Junin Grebe, Golden-backed Mountain-Tanager, Yellow-scarfed Tanager, and Oilbird.
This tour is good for bird photography. Price USD. 3799.22 Full board. This trip has a 4 participant minimum.

Spectacular Northern Peru 2018

FIXED DEPARTURE 24th March - 27th May - 2nd July - 17th August - 7th September - 4th November 2018 CONFIRMED

Northern Peru is one of the world's premier birding areas.
Birding trips in Peru are exciting and the number of range-restricted and threatened bird species that can be seen during a tour is nearly unbeatable! From the coastal Tumbesian specialties to the Marañon Valley endemics and of course the diverse humid East slope of the Andes, there is exciting birding everywhere!
This tour is good for bird photography. Price USD 5231.70 per Person full board

Iquitos 2018

FIXED DEPARTURE 8th & 21th May, 4th & 17th November 100% CONFIRMED
Birding around Iquitos provides an efficient way to see many species of the northern and southern Amazon forest, plus the famous white sand forest. Iquitos is considered an isolated island in the middle of the tropical rain forest with quick by airplane.
This tour can be combined easily with a Northern Peru Trip.
This tour is good for bird photography
Price USD. 3949.32 Full board. we leave with 4 participant minimum.

Pelagic Birding Trip - Peru

FIXED DEPARTURE 6th April 100 % Confirmed from Callao Port
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FIXED DEPARTURE: 07th Abril. - 16th May - 12th June - 2nd, 23th July - 18th August - 23th September.
This tour is specifically focused on the fascinating hummingbirds. Short walks and comfortable birding allow excellent views and the best chance to photograph even difficult and rare hummingbirds.

Manu Andes and Foothills 10 days

FIXED DEPARTURE: 28th March and 25th June 100% confirmed 2018
2 people registeded already for both dates
visiting Manu, in this birding tours offer a cloud forest and foothills ideal for those short on time, this option which gives you a chance for most of the birds in 9-10 days with good chance to bird photography.
Price USD 2537.40 per Person full board
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We leave with 4 Participants