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Manu Andes & Foothill- 10 Days 2022

In a selection of birding tours destination around the world definitely Manu is the crown jewel of all birding areas. Nowhere else in the Andes & Amazon, birdwatching & bird photography tour can be combined like here, there is an easily accessible road that travels through pristine cloud forest from the treeline down to the lowlands! And at the bottom of the road, there is an excellent selection of Tropical rainforest lodges where you can comfortably birdwatching one of the best biodiverse habitats in the world. Doesn’t matter if you are first-time visitor to Peru, Manu birding tours will give you chance for bird photography enjoying wildlife and pristine forest with a great number & selection of endemic birds with restricted range.
So Birding in Manu is not to be missed!
This tour is easily combined with some other destinations, it can be cultural or nature extensions. some examples for Cultural tours are Machupicchu, Sacred Valley, City Tour, etc.
if you want to add some special species, birding options would be Abra Malaga, Mollepata – Apurimac specialties, Dry West and High Andes in Central Peru, or Vilcabamba Mountains which can offer a unique endemic species.
contact us for more suggestions and options suitable for you according your targets and time.

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Oct 05 - 14 2022


6:00 am - 6:00 pm

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  • Zona horaria: Europe/Paris
  • Fecha: Oct 05 - 14 2022
  • Hora: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm


Manu Road

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