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Created in 1973, the Manu Biosphere Reserve covers an area of 1,881,200 hectares, almost half the size of the Netherlands. It is one of largest conservation areas on earth and extends between 4100 meters to 200 meters above sea level (13451,44 – 656,168 ft.). Manu is one of the most biodiverse areas on this planet and is home to 1000 species of bird, more than 10% of the world total!
The Manu Biosphere Reserve is divided in three zones: the Cultural Zone where all the lodges are situated, the Reserved Zone designated for tourism, and the National Park where only scientists have access.

Manu Biosphere Reserve - 15 days

Just a few companies who have a permit to camp are allowed into the Reserved Zone.

Our birdwatching tour include the best birding destinations in the area enjoying a Manu expedition on comfortable bird tour with an excelent bird guide, Pristine forest, lots of mammals, amazing landscapes and the best crew that we have.