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Classic Central Peru – 17 Days 2021

Central Peru is, unsurprisingly, the endemic hotebed of the country. Birding the Humboldt Current and Atacama Desert on the Pacific Coast, the dry West Andean Slope, the barren but diverse high-elevation puna, and humid forests from the treeline to the beginnings of the Amazon lowlands, you will find a rewarding variety of habitats in this … Read more

Northern Peru Enigmatic Missing Species – 10 Days 2022

This tour is designed for you, who can not travel for 2 or 3 weeks once again, but you have the opportunity to see the amazing Scarlet-Banded Barbet, it used to be difficult to include an itinerary to travel to this remote area “Cordillera Azul National park”, this area has not been included in any … Read more

Northwest, Abra Patricia, Marañon & Tumbes Endemics – 16 Days 2022

Northern Peru has a great enigmatic birds and we prepare great birding trip for those who cannot travel for three weeks, in this kind of tour our clients can see amazing set of endemic and classic Neotropical birds and many more great species like: Tumbesian and Marañon endemic species. It is an excellent opportunity, if … Read more

Spectacular Northern Peru – 22 Days 2022

Birding northern Peru tours have an excellent selection of local endemic birds, this is our most popular Northern Peru tour, and with good reason: the selection of birds is almost unbeatable on a trip of this length anywhere in the world given the diversity of species, the number of Peruvian and regional endemics, and the … Read more

Dry West Andean Slope – High Puna 5 Days 2022

This is a short but richfull birding trip in the dry West Andean Slope and the barren but diverse high-elevation puna, this is home of lots of endemic birds, with small and restricted habitat for most of them, Santa Eulalia Valley is accesible in a short time and good birding, here you will find a … Read more