A True Birding Experience

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Northern Peru Bird Photography – 11 Days 2021

Northern Peru is a spectacular place for bird watching and photography, it has an incredible selection of species many of them endemics and some of them endangered. This biodiversity has motivated thousands of bird watchers to visit the area in search of these wonderful species, but in the last decades it is not enough to … Read more

Hummingbird Tours Kolibry Photo Safari Trip – 18 Days 2021

We create a hummingbirds photography bird tour, thinking in the fabulous smallest and fast birds in the world, Peru has lots of different species of hummingbird, 127 from the total, these birds will visit an average of 1,000 flowers per day for nectar, the bright radiant color on hummingbirds comes from iridescent coloring like on … Read more

Photography Tour Manu Machupicchu – 15 Days 2021

Peru is one of the richest countries in ornithology and culture, especially southern Peru – Cusco. That is why all photography, culture and bird watching tours begin in this city and many of them also end right here. Machupicchu with its incomparable history, added to the great Biological Biodiversity of Manu National Park are the … Read more

Interoceanic Highway Manu Tambopata Lowland Forest – 7 days 2021

Bird tours in Peru usually are long, especially if we want to get lowland forest, so if you are in Cusco and you would like to birding Amazon forest, here is the best combination, short andean birding just focused on endangered and local endemic birds, without leaving aside the wonderful Andean landscape in a short … Read more

Manu Andes & Foothill- 10 Days 2021

In a selection of birding tours destination around the world definitely Manu is the crown jewel of all birding areas. Nowhere else in the Andes & Amazon, birdwatching & bird photography tour can be combined like here, there is an easily accessible road that travels through pristine cloud forest from the treeline down to the … Read more

Manu Biosphere Reserve – 15 Days 2021

Created in 1973, the Manu Biosphere Reserve covers an area of 1,881,200 hectares, almost half the size of the Netherlands. It is one of largest conservation areas on earth and extends between 4100 meters to 200 meters above sea level (13451,44 – 656,168 ft.). Manu is one of the most biodiverse areas on this planet … Read more

Manu Complete – Central Endemic & Pelagic Trip – 25 days 2021

Peru is one of the top birding destinations in the world, you can find about 20% of the total species of the world, birding in Peru is wonderfull and Manu is the crown jewel of Peru’s birding areas, biodiversity is unique, nowhere else in the Andes is there an easily accessible road that travels through … Read more

Satipo Road “Mantaro’s Valley Heart” – 9 days 2021

Birding in Central Peru is extraordinary, most of the targets birds are very localized and some of the them are critically endangered, this tour is very special, we visit some remote area where there are well know but undescribed species, so this makes even more exiting our birding tour in Satipo road. There is some … Read more

Classic Central Peru – 17 Days 2021

Central Peru is, unsurprisingly, the endemic hotebed of the country. Birding the Humboldt Current and Atacama Desert on the Pacific Coast, the dry West Andean Slope, the barren but diverse high-elevation puna, and humid forests from the treeline to the beginnings of the Amazon lowlands, you will find a rewarding variety of habitats in this … Read more

Northern Peru Enigmatic Missing Species – 10 Days 2021

This tour is designed for you, who can not travel for 2 or 3 weeks once again, but you have the opportunity to see the amazing Scarlet-Banded Barbet, it used to be difficult to include an itinerary to travel to this remote area “Cordillera Azul National park”, this area has not been included in any … Read more