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Birding Tour Testimonials

Dear Miguel,

It was a new experience to be on a tour with a cook.  Ciro was not only a terrific cook but enjoyable company and always ready to lend a helping hand.  We were impressed by his ability to produce delicious meals while in the field, and many times, under difficult conditions (for example, in the dark, with only his head lamp for light!)  The driver, Juan, got us safely to all the birding destinations.

While not pleasant during the time, we will not forget our expedition to Plataforma for the Scarlet-banded Barbet.  You all worked incredibly hard to get us safely back after a marathon return journey.  It was all worth it, given excellent views of the barbet!

Thanks again for helping us see so many wonderful birds.

With best wishes,

Sharon and Barry

Looking for an excellent birding experience in Peru? Go with Tanager tours!

We went in summer 2015 with them to look for goodies and beauties at the coast, Andes and the Amazonian Forest.

Their guides are excellent, organisation is very good and they arrange field picnics at the most beautiful places.

In total we saw almost 600 species with Razor-Billed Curassow, Humboldt Penguin, Andean Condor, Pale-Winged Trumpeter, Diademed Plover, Blue-Headed Macaw, Crested Owl, Great Potoo, Lyre-Tailed Nightjar, Wire-Crested Thorntail, Bearded Mountaineer, Purus Jacamar, Long-Billed Woodcreeper, White-Bellied Cinclodes, Banded Antbird, Black-Spotted Bare-Eye, Black-Faced Antthrush and Red-and-White Antpitta, to mention just a few of the many highlights. Highly recommended. [email protected]

Best wishes


“Both of my birding trips to Peru have been with Tanager Tours. I can throughly recommend them for running  excellent birding trips with great attention to detail,  and logistics that were second to none. 

Miguel and David were excellent guides, who really knew the birds and the calls. The drivers Juve and Juan were very professional, and the excellent 3 course meals  that Ciro magically produced  in the middle of the jungle were top class.  

The service provided overall was very professional, and I would have no hesitation in traveling with them on my third visit to Peru, which hopefully will be in the not too distant future..”

Aidan G. Kelly, Ireland.

[email protected]

I have been on three birding trips to South America with Tanager Tours.  On all three trips Miguel was our guide.  Miguel is a superior guide in all respects. He has excellent acuity in recognizing the birds and their calls, and is especially attentive to ensure that all participants see the birds as well. I felt the trip was highly successful for me as a birder. Additionally I enjoyed the sense of camaraderie with the guides and camp tenders and the comforts provided by Tanager Tours. These trips were the best I have experienced in my many years of birding in South America.

Mike Brady

In February of 2016 my husband and I traveled to Colombia with two fellow birders for a trip set up by Tanager Tours, out of Peru.  We had birded in Peru with Tanager, and felt they gave us an excellent and reasonably priced trip which took us to many different areas and habitats and gave us great looks at hundreds of birds.

Our Colombian trip started in Bogota, where we met up with our Tanager guide, Miguel Lezama.  We spent 1 ½ profitable days birding in the area, and discovered that Miguel was indeed very familiar with Colombian birds and an excellent birder who works very hard to prepare himself for tours.  From Bogota, we flew to Barranquilla on the coast, and met up with our Colombian guide, Ricardo Martinez.  From then on the four of us had two guides throughout.  From Barranquilla our driver took us up to Minca, where we stopped for one night before heading up to Santa Marta.  For the trip to the Santa Marta Mountains, Miguel arranged for us to travel in two 4-wheel drive SUVs, and we used them throughout our time in the mountains.  The Santa Marta area was a great place for endemics, and we saw most of our target birds there.  After 4 nights at El Dorado Lodge (which was a lovely Pro Aves facility), we returned to Minca with some very profitable stops on the way.  From Minca we returned back to Riohacha, where we had some very different and unique birding experiences in a lowland area populated by indigenous peoples.  On those days, Miguel hired an additional indigenous guide to help us and to also help support efforts to create birding opportunities and economic support for the community.

We were very pleased with our 14 night tour to Colombia and felt Miguel should be commended for his attention to detail, the care he took in assuring our comfort and safety, and for his birding expertise.  The country itself was beautiful, and boasts more birds (approximately over 1900 species) than any country in the world.

Kathy and Donn Mattsson

Minnetonka, Minnesota

Tanager Tours delivered a near perfect bespoke trip around central and northern Peru, which secured nearly all of our target bird species, having already visited the area previously, including all of the Unchog specialities, Scarlet-banded Barbet, Long-whiskered Owlet and others.

Alan Lewis