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Birding Tour Extensions

All our birding tours are carefully designed to find the most endemic, threatened, and localized species in a reasonable length of time. but not all locations are include in one single tour, reasons!! are several: because it’s in a different location, you visited the area already, new birding spot just open for some of your targets, you had only a short time for a holiday, however, we have a birding tours extensions to find some additional species that we can not find during our birding tour, so we propose just some of them, please see the link below more than one would be port of your target.
contact us and we will create an itinerary to suit your time and interests.

Do you want to see more birds or stay longer than our standard tours? Excellent: let us know what you want to see, and we can make it happen.

Machupicchu – 2 days

Machupicchu is one of the new seven wonders fo the world, this amazing place is the most representative Archaeological site of Inca’s Culture, if you are in Peru its almost an obligation to visit it , where you will find not only archaeological site or ruins, you had a unique opportunity to learn about this ancestral culture, History surrounded by magical landscapes and some endemic birds.

Abra Malaga & Vilcabamba Mountains – 4 days

This area, while geographically not too far from manu road, but is quite different set of birds.
the main focus is always on endemics, but there are lots of other birds to be found as well, on the route to Abra Malaga.

We can find three different seccions: Abra Malaga humid montane forest, Polylepis forest and Vilcabamba mountains, this last one isolated with very restricted endemic species located just in this mountain, depending of your target we can include or avoid this enigmatic “Cordillera”

San Lorenzo – White-masked Antbird 3 – 4 days

White-Masked Antbird is one of the mythical Peruvian endemic Birds, for years was so complicated to access to Tierras Blancas – Rio Morona, where it was discovered.

Actually, there is another option and place with easier access, this place is San Lorenzo, to get this place we need an small plane flight from Yurimaguas to San Lorenzo on the Marañon River. so if you are in northern peru birding tour, this would be an excellent opportunity add this species on your life list.

Molino Viejo – Purple-backed Sunbeam 3 days

Molino viejo is an isolated area located in Upper part of marañon Valley where its located Purple-backed Sunbeam, a unique hummingbird with a special habitat, nowhere else can be found, our birding tours itineraries offer a perfect combination, our Spectacular Northern Peru tour end in Trujillo from where we can easily access to this remote and isolated location.